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Traditional Version of Kellerbier: Unfiltered lagered versions of Germanic lager styles of beer such as Münchner-Style Helles and Dunkel, Dortmunder/European-Style Export, Bohemian-style Pilsener and German-style Pilsener. Kellerbier is noticeably less carbonated. Subtle or low levels of esters may be apparent. This is an unfiltered beer but it may be naturally clear due to settling of yeast during aging. They may or may not be clear. Exhibiting a small amount of yeast haze in the appearance is acceptable. Low to moderately low levels of yeast-generated sulfur compounds in aroma and flavor should be apparent, and low levels of acetaldehyde or other volatiles normally scrubbed during fermentation may or may not be apparent. The sulfur and acetaldehyde characters should contribute positively to the beer drinking experience. There should be no diacetyl detectable. Dry hopping is acceptable. Head retention may not be optimal. Contemporary Version of Kellerbier: Beers that are packaged or on draft which are unfiltered versions of other lager styles. These may share many attributes of traditional versions, but are generally fully carbonated, fully lagered, with full head retention and absent of acetaldehyde.

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