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There are many excellent and popular beers that are brewed with predominantly traditional ingredients and processes yet their character may distinctively vary from styles currently defined or included in these guidelines. For example a brewer may formulate a dark stout but may use lager yeast rather than ale yeast and dry hop with hops more typically used for German-style pilsener. Or perhaps a beer falls distinctively out of the color, alcohol or bitterness range of defined styles. This category recognizes distinctively undefined beers. They may be light or dark, strong or weak, hoppy or not hoppy. Beers brewed with non-traditional hops, malt, yeast or other ingredient that still closely approximate an existing classical category should be entered into the classical category. A short statement by the brewer whether explanatory or poetic often accompanies these beers. For competition purposes, these beers could be grouped as a subcategory of experimental beers


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