Catawba Brewing Releases Passport Beer #3

Catawba Brewing Releases Passport Soda #3: Small Batch Blonde Draught beer

In recent weeks, Catawba’ s Small Batch Program comes armed with explored dark malty styles additionally higher-gravity offerings designed to sustain shoppers through the cold of winter. Within their latest release, they’ re taking contrarian approach, swinging back to this particular lighter end of the beer variety. This American Blonde Ale is a interesting dichotomy. A traditional summer drinks brewed in January. A new relieve that’ s actually an old recipe ingredients. Think of it as a Throwback Thursday Light beer.

The WNC fishing boat beer landscape looked entirely working together with in the summer of 1999 when Catawba Brewing first opened its doors in Glen Alpine, NC. Brothers Billy and as well , Scott Pyatt had spent typically preceding years perfecting recipes by just countless homebrew batches, preparing for the discharge of their first commercial beer (known then as Buffalo Nickel Ale). An ideal gateway beer, its yellow spectrum color made it seem approachable even with the persons who knew only macro Area lagers. Although it would never be considered hoppy by today’ s standards, lots of individuals at the time commented on an explosion among unfamiliar flavors – yet the software remained light, crisp, refreshing, tolerable.

Brewed for the first time into their Asheville South Slope Brewery, Scaled-down Batch Blonde Ale is the final 2017 release in Catawba’ s Passport Rewards Provider . Experience web page piece of Catawba history in any of those tasting rooms, and in limited shipping.