Catawba Brewing Releases Small Batch Get Stout

Small Batch releases have become the right weekly event at Catawba Producing, but their  new Small Bunch Milk Stout is no ordinary lager. This traditional English-style  sweet strong marks the return to the brewhouse of Co-Owner and former maker,   Billy Pyatt, who had removed his brewing hat for the past half a decade years to focus  on Catawba’ s rapidly expanding business. Serving to him in their Asheville South  Downward slope brewery was brother-in-law Bobby Stunning, who chose the beer style and  helped execute Billy’ s mixture.

The result is a cider steeped in history that is  worth the long wait. Typical of this particular century-old style, Catawba’ s Tea Stout  features an addition among unfermentable lactose sugar that really adds body and sweetness  to eye-catching flavor notes of rich chocolates, coffee, and roasted malts.

Excellent on its own or to be the dessert course pairing, this decadent ale comes in  at a extremely sessionable 4. 9% ABV. You should search for the Small Batch Milk Stout in  Catawba’ s three tasting accomodations, and in limited distribution.

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