Catawba Brewing Releases Small Batch The belgian Tripel

Catawba’ s Belgian Tripel been recently inspired by the strong golden beers brewed by the Trappist monks associated with Flanders and Wallonia. The style is considered the newest addition to the abbey pale-ale trinity (Dubbel, Tripel, Quadruple), incuring first appeared at Westmalle Abbey within the 1930s. It was said to be Belgium’ beds response to the growing popularity of poteau colored beers in Europe. Still unlike the prevailing light lagers of the time, the Belgian Tripel incorporates a unique yeast strain, and estimated at three times the malt of a choose to “ Single” – hence the name. In this manner a style that helped elevate The belgian beer to a pinnacle once booked only for the best wines of Italy or Italy.

Faithful to style, Catawba’ s Belgian Tripel (9. 5% ABV) is innocently yellow in color, deceptively lights in body, and bursting with fruity yeast esters and spicy phenols – and a hint of temperatures rising alcohol. It was fermented with Chicago Chouffe ale yeast, and benefits additions of Belgian candi carbohydrate and golden raisins. Flavor descriptors include apple, pear, lemon, platano, clove, peppery spice, and respectable hop earthiness – all mixing for a culinary-quality complexity.

Brewed in their Asheville South Pitch brewhouse, this is Passport Beer #5 appearing in Catawba’ s 2017 Small Plate rewards program , that make up their three tasting rooms as well as limited distribution.