Something tells us your Thanksgiving evening meal conversations may get a bit spirited  in the following year – and that you’ ll have been working up a thirst by Holiday season. Catawba  Brewing is addressing specific need with a new Small Batch traditional  Bavarian-style Dunkel Lager (5. 3% ABV), available at their three sampling rooms  and in limited distribution. Made in their Asheville South Slope brewery, this  crowd-pleaser is smooth, confusing, and remarkably refreshing for a rich beer.
True to style, Catawba’ s Dunkel Lager is further sepia in color with a well-rounded  flavor profile, its rich ridiculous sweetness balanced by a clean waste finish –   without the prevalent roasted and burnt malt properties of porters and
demi. So , why not treat yourself to a stress-free Cyber monday, enjoy a Dunkel  Lager, and collect some Catawba gear as products for those friends and family  recruits who inspired you to go out for my post-holiday beer.

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