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Chalwa Exudes Craft Lifestyle

The first Friday in November, Chalwa plays Pisgah Brewing. The next night, they go West Asheville to Up Country. Then on up to Highland Brewing for a Sunday afternoon show. Chalwa digs craft breweries. Chalwa drinks craft beer.

“The beers are craft just like our music… created to be consciously consumed to bring our community together, ” waxes Dennis Chalwa Berdnt about the busy weekend. “We might close out the weekend with an appearance at the big brewery in Mills River, late Sunday.” Not so late that the band won’t get home to tuck the kids in bed.

Dennis and his boys are blue with joy!

I caught up with with Tim Marsh on Facebook Messenger while he was visiting his home town Trenton, New Jersey. “This old factory town has no craft brewery,” messages Tim. “We go to nearby Bordentown to get craft at Common Sense Brewing. Tim prefers IPA’s, and is looking forward to returning to Western North Carolina and imbibing his favorites at the weekend shows. “Ain’t nothing like WNC craft,” types Tim on his favorite social media platform, Facebook.

Trenton makes and the World takes… but not craft beer

It is my job to deliver craft beers to the band, and with North Carolina law stating that only one beer can leave the bar with each person, I will be very busy this weekend. Dennis likes Oktoberfest. Tim gets IPA, and Dusty prefers pale ales. Bernard I always have to check with. “It varies depending on my mood, but lately citric IPA’s,” texts Bernard.

Dennis, Tim, Dusty, and Bernard (l to r)

You can check all our Craft Lifestyle Events here, where you’ll find more deets on all the upcoming Chalwa shows. To preview Chalwa and watch me share (steal?) an Oktoberfest with Dennis check this Facebook Live video!

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