The Five Best Craft Beer Brewers in Asheville

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The Five Best Craft Beer Brewers in Asheville

Carl Melissas of The Wedge

Carl Melissas is a living legend in the Asheville beer scene. Back before Green Man became the Trump stronghold of the South Slope, in the summer of 2007, Carl ditched Dirty Jacks, for the opening of Asheville’s then 4th brewery, The Wedge. Carl is a genius, succeeding at whatever he chooses to do. Craft beer lovers are grateful he chose brewing beer for a living. Carl doesn’t make test batches when crafting a new beer. He brews perfect quality beers on the first go!

Carl Melissas of The Wedge

Brothers Wicked of ABInBev

Call them sell outs, or whatever you want to call them, Luke and Walt Dickinson are craft brewing royalty. These Asheville natives are responsible for the Pernicious IPA, and a nice variety of other award winning beers. It doesn’t matter who owns Wicked Weed now. These two are still two of the very best brewers in Asheville.

Luke and Walt Dickinson of Wicked Weed

Tim Gormley of Burial Beer

Like the Brothers Dickinson, Tim is a co-founder of his brewery. When Burial Beer grows big enough to sell out, Tim will become a former owner, just like the Dickinsons. When this happens, Tim will still be one of the best brewers in Asheville… just like Luke and Walt Dickinson. If you ask any Uber driver where the tourists are asking to go these days, the answer, resoundingly, is Burial Beer Company.

Tim Gormley of Burial Beer Company

Mike Karnowski is Zebulon Artisan Ales

Another metal head like Tim Gormley (head bangers?), Mike Karnowski like Carl Melissas, ditched the confines of Green Man. Though not technically in Asheville, his nearby Weaverville brewery deserves inclusion, as Mike may very well be the best of the bunch. “While we do tend to focus on Belgian and French farmhouse styles, we also brew historical, forgotten and mythological beer styles. We don’t have any flagship beers, instead we like to brew something new every time,” says Mike.

Zebulon owners Mike Karnowski (middle-back) and Gabe Pickard (right-back) with Asheville Beer Club